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Full Spectrum Attorneys & Advisors

Full Spectrum Attorneys & Advisors Full Spectrum Attorneys & Advisors Full Spectrum Attorneys & Advisors

Who we are

Formerly known as Maratkar & Associates, the rebranded Marat Gogia is a boutique law firm that specializes in litigation, arbitration, and alternate dispute resolution.  

Vijay Maratkar and Himanshu Maratkar lead a team of dedicated litigators who seamlessly undertake all court proceedings—including anticipatory bail, regular bail, cross examination, trial, and stakeholder management.  




In a storm, our EDGE is simply that we are lean, we are prepared, and we are determined.


To stay lean we keep our core team small and our working spaces flexible. To stay prepared, we have 30+ years of ground networking with legal associates across India and the globe, plus a deep understanding of how to work with the police, income tax, or the excise department. 

Our determination shows in the detailed investigation we do for each case, and the proactive solutions we offer our clients to tide the changing storm patterns. 

We value our clients

Vandana Saxena Poria OBE says:

When I approached Himanshu, I had already filed a civil case to recover my money, but the payment schedule and terms were unfair and long drawn out. 

Himanshu helped me re-negotiate with my former business partners for a better payout, and I am grateful for the attention to detail he paid while drafting the agreements and managing my case.  


Our driving beliefs

At Marat Gogia, we strive to provide quality legal services to all sections of society—corporate, individual, and the marginalized. 

We work on cases using an approach of understanding, with the aim of upholding the law—and in instances where required—helping the law evolve to cauterize a new generation.

We’re also motivated activists, and have taken on many cases to uphold animal rights and women’s rights. We want women, children, and animals to be legally heard.