What differentiates us

We’re not armchair attorneys.

We personally handle all aspects of the case—from start-to-finish.

  • Conduct a hands-on investigation into the facts of the case.
  • Undertake stakeholder negotiation and management.
  • Prepare compelling drafts and applications.
  • Design courtroom strategy and arguments.
  • Strategize appeals and out of court disputes.

Our Expertise

Economic Offenses and White Collar Crimes

We take on all cases that violate the  Companies Act, 1960, with a focus on breach of trust under the  Maharashtra Protection of Interests of Depositors in Financial Establishments Act 1999.

Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Theft

We help our clients analyze the technical aspects involved in cybercrimes to build a robust defense for all violations under the Information Technology Act 2000.  We also provide IP/Patent audits and consulting.

Arbitration and Commercial Dispute Settlement

Whether corporate or personal, we properly guide the affected parties to help resolve contract violations and disputes (labour, family, property, inheritance). 

Legal Project Management

  Many cases require several tasks to be orchestrated and interlinked to produce the desired legal outcome.

 By applying the principles of project management, Marat Gogia is able to offer clients greater efficiency by coordinating between the various stakeholders, managing the various legal and non-legal teams (especially in multiple jurisdictions), and taking responsibility of follow-ups and implementation.  

Commercial Contracts

We cover all aspects of creating robust, legal commercial contracts, such as: attending contract negotiations between clients and vendors, identifying legal, commercial, operational risks associated with transactions involved, drafting, vetting, redlining, and finalizing all legal documents—including NDAs, SLAs, media services agreements, confidentiality agreements, leave and license agreements, and inter-company agreements.

FDI Compliance

 We help companies receiving foreign direct investment comply with the required FEMA and FERA regulation.  

We also provide end-to-end legal consulting, monitoring, and commercial recovery support to clients in multiple jurisdictions.

Medical Negligence

 We help with reconciliation and raise issues of accountability for all disputes between doctors and patients in cases of medical negligence.


  We help foreigners interact with the FRO and other compliance required under the Passport Act and Foreigner's Registration Act. 

Domestic Violence & POCSO

We provide protection to children and women of all all ages under the Domestic Violence and POCSO Acts. 


Our India-UAE Connect Services

Marat Gogia now offers its clients—operating between India and the UAE—end-to-end civil and criminal

We recently visited Dubai to meet up with a few clients and law firms, and enjoyed riveting conversations about the need to build a legal bridge that helps clients grow and protect their business across both countries

What legal services can we offer our India-UAE clients?


  Offshore investing and virtual company licenses in the UAE


Foreign company incorporation in Indian SEZs or UAE Freezones

 International Legal Project Management: due diligence, investigation, stakeholder negotiation 

 Implementing UAE and Indian court orders through litigation


  Protection for developers and customers under the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)


IP and Patent auditing, consulting and contracts

Succession planning: will preparation, estate management, probates 

Maritime Law and Customs Clearance  


Debt and commercial recovery assistance

Alternate Dispute Resolution & International Arbitration 

Legal notices, agreements, replies, warnings and claims


Workshops and seminars on cross border opportunities and contingency planning


What our clients are thinking

When I engaged the services of Marat Gogia, I was desperately looking for a lawyer who could help me navigate the messy court systems in India. 

Not only did Himanshu accompany me for all police station visits, he took proactive measures to ensure that I was prepared to answer uncomfortable questions. 

He renegotiated my settlement, which had been held up and brought my case to closure fairly quickly.